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Duties / Responsibilities (Including Objectives of the role):
Key Duties and Responsibilities:  



  • You will be a technical specialist undertaking hands on NVH testing and development of Lotus products. 
  • You will undertake subjective and objective assessments of competitor vehicles.
  • You will have strong vehicle level NVH knowledge and experience specifically around sound quality including exhaust and intake development, drive by testing and closure sound quality.
  • You will have in depth knowledge and experience of LMS and/or Head Acoustic software/hardware.
  • You will have worked on the NVH development of several vehicle platforms and have a passion for automotive vehicle product development.
  • Hands on technical delivery of vehicle NVH development projects.
  • Subjective and Objective vehicle level NVH assessment of Lotus and competitor vehicles
  • Provide input to support the definition of vehicle level NVH attributes and targets
  • Plan your day to day NVH development activities
  • Generate technical reports on NVH test and development activities
  • Provide vehicle NVH support for Lotus and Geely group products
Qualifications and Experience (Essential & Desirable criteria)
 Essential Criteria:
  • Degree in Mechanical or Acoustic Engineering or equivalent
  • Extensive experience of developing vehicle NVH performance specifically around sound quality including intake and exhaust sound quality development and closure sound quality, exhaust drive by testing.  
  • An in-depth understanding of vibration and acoustic principles

  • In depth knowledge of LMS software and associated data processing techniques.

  • Strong knowledge of instrumentation associated with NVH objective measurements.

  • Practical experience of vehicle NVH testing, development and problem solving on multiple vehicle projects including high performance vehicles.

  • A good understanding of vehicle NVH attributes for high performance sports cars

  • Competent driving ability with good subjective NVH assessment skills.

  • A methodical and scientific approach to problem solving.

  • Automotive experience of multiple vehicle NVH test and development projects (>5) specifically around vehicle NVH for high performance vehicles

  • Strong reporting, communication and presentation skills, Awareness of commercial requirements to deliver projects.