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Duties / Responsibilities (Including Objectives of the role):
  • Develop an overall plan for Lotus licensing, setting budgets and ensuring revenue targets are achieved by the current licensee partners, as well as new ones (royalties and revenues)
  • Identify new potential, brand aligned partners, then can deliver excellent financial return as well as promoting the Lotus brand appropriately
  • Licensee administration; tracking of royalties and revenue generated from each licensee contract, ensuring reports are submitted on time
  • In conjunction with the Lotus legal team, negotiate and finalise advantageous financial terms
  • Take responsibility for a global approach, ensuring global opportunities are optimised-selecting licensees on the basis of their global sales potential
  • Work closely with the commercial team to understand new product launch cadence, and suitable partner opportunities for different products/services in different market sectors aligned to the product portfolio
  • Work with the legal team to spot and act against unlawful breaches of copyright through counterfeit/imitation products using Lotus IP
  • Attend trade fairs and exhibitions in order to further develop relations with licensees and our overall portfolio
  • In conjunction with the Lotus Merchandising Manager work with the chosen third party contractor to develop new ranges, exploit existing and find new distribution channels, develop new and refreshed ranges on a regular basis, manage stocks appropriately and significantly increase revenue and margin from merchandise.
  • In conjunction with the Merchandising Manager take rebsponsibility for the newly developed Hethel shop in the New Lotus Customer Experience Centre
Take responsibility for the maximum exploitation of the Lotus brand, managing and developing existing licensees, and identifying suitable new licensee partners-bearing in mind product/service suitability, maximum distribution in most suitable markets, and best financial return. Additionally, take responsibility for developing and then maximising financial return on Lotus Merchandise range.
This role needs to design and deliver a new licensing strategy that can deliver up to £1.5m to £2m p.a of licensee revenue, from the current c. £0.5m. Additionally, merchandise revenue needs to expand from current c £100k to double that amount.
This is a great opportunity for an experienced Brand License manager to work with an exceptionally well known automotive brand with a famous brand heritage, built on motor racing success, and automotive innovation. With new and exciting products on the way Lotus should have the pick of Licensee partners to work with. Creativity with new Merchandise will also help to expand revenue significantly.
Qualifications and Experience (Essential & Desirable criteria)
Essential Criteria:
  • Degree in Business Development, Marketing or Accountancy
  • Experienced Brand Licensing Manager
  • Experience of managing commercial relationships
  • Experienced and understanding of Merchandising area
  • Interpersonal, communication skills and negotiation
  • Licensing, Business planning
  • Able to work independently and through agents and suppliers
  • Commercially motivated
  • Copyright, trademark and rights issues understanding
Desirable Criteria:
  • Some legal understanding
  • Well known brand experience
  • Influencer and relationship builder
  • Creative, energetic, good entrepreneurial approach in order to see larger commercial opportunity
  • Legal background