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Duties / Responsibilities (Including Objectives of the role):
 The purpose of this role is to investigate, create and maintain new processes for use by Lotus Cars Projects. This will include designing from scratch full process diagrams and narratives that fulfill all new business processes. Ensuring Lotus has a robust set of processes and procedures used across all departments and vehicle lines for the control and monitoring of projects. These will be based on the current Geely Group processes and procedures adapted for Lotus requirements only if necessary. 
Create standard metrics used across all departments and vehicle lines that show the health of the project. These metrics are to report on items concerning timing, budget, labour demand and gateway performance. These will be based on the current Geely Group reports and amended only if necessary. For many of the procedures a process already exists within the Geely Group or the current Lotus Business Operating System (BOS). To ensure compatibility with others within the Geely Group and to take full advantage of the processes created by China Euro Vehicle Technology (CEVT) the use of processes should be considered in the following order: 
  • Geely Group process to be used without changes or deviation
  • Geely Group process used with deviation unique to Lotus
  • Current Lotus BOS process 
  • Amended/improved Lotus BOS process
  • Create new process
Qualifications and Experience (Essential & Desirable criteria)
 Essential Criteria:
  • Project management, financial control or quality systems.
  • Analytical, self-motivating and strong attention to detail.
  • Skilled in MS Visio, Word and Excel